Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Real Estate Investing - Are You Listening To the Right People?

It's an unfortunate fact of life that regardless of where you go, you are sure to encounter cynics and pessimist. Whatever it is that you hope to accomplish, these people will be ready with discouraging words. This goes double when one is talking about money - since most people don't have as much of it as they would like, or any idea how to acquire more, it's easy to become jaded, believing that financial success is impossible for those who are not already wealthy.

Press about the declining value of MN real estate as an investment or about skyrocketing housing prices that keep regular people out of the market altogether can make the prospect of making money through real estate investment seem almost ludicrous. Yet people are doing it - real people like you and me. And you can do it too. All you have to do is listen to the right people.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Yes it does. That's because it is. It is very easy to find a person who knows how to make money by investing in real estate, find out what has worked for them, and apply it to your own life. If it's so easy, you might be tempted to say, then why isn't everyone doing it? And that, my friend, is the meat of the matter. Everyone isn't doing it for two reasons. The first reason is that they've simply been told all their lives that success is very, very difficult. In fact, they've been told, because of the scarcity of money, success is almost impossible.

Most people are scared of trying to make money, based on cynicism and negative hype.

Secondly, most people do not become successful investors because they overcomplicate things. Successful investors follow a systematic plan, allowing their wealth to steadily grow. They do not risk it all to make a quick buck off of some dubious moneymaking scheme. Most people do not have the discipline to forego flashy scams and persevere on the proven path to wealth. The adrenaline rush of making a gamble is certainly tempting, but those who succumb to this temptation frequently end up worse off than they were when they started.

Because most people think like that, those are the ideas that the media are catering to. That is why murder and mayhem is front-page news and happy things are not. That is why people slow down when they see an automobile accident and not when they see a couple holding hands. Tragedy is far more interesting. Just check out the plot line of any major motion picture. People like to believe that life is tough.

Fortunately, this destructive and self-defeating perspective is far from accurate.

If you want to succeed, the first step is to break through the wall of cynicism that you've more than likely developed as a result of a lifetime of listening to media sensationalism and the pessimists you encounter in your day-to-day life. You need to start listening to the people who know that success is possible, and, furthermore, know exactly what one needs in order to achieve it. These folks will tell you that in order to make money in real estate, you'll need to formulate a systematic plan, and you'll need to stick to it. Why would you listen to those who haven't found success, when you could be getting the facts straight from me and others who have made money as real estate investors. Think about it.