Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Closing Costs Essentials For First Time Homebuyers

Experts explain what it takes Minnesota first time homebuyers to keep the home buying experience as easy as possible and that is knowing what closing costs are. Most people seem to be unaware that closing costs are usually set at 15 percent of the sales amount and loaners usually ask that you pay for it directly. Although some lenders can roll them into the loan package, it would still be advisable to identify them as early as possible so you can wisely project your funds and easily discuss what you want as far as terms of arrangement in the final price is concerned.

Remember that the lender’s primary basis in the amount he presented to you is the sales price paid by the buyer and not necessarily the net price (or the sales price minus the closing costs). There are various ways in which closing costs are allocated and this may need the help of your realtor and lender if only to come up with the most agreeable plan for you to stay within your budget limit.

Having knowledge about the responsibilities of a buyer is the first prerequisite to understanding what closing costs are. As explained by Barron, the author of the book 'Smart Consumer's Guide to Home Buying', homebuyers must know that custom dictates allocation of closing costs and designates buyer and seller responsibilities, and not the law, as many believes it to be.

It is the buyer who typically settles all the fees and the loan’s the discount points. The lender adds all these at the end of the contract and may vary differently from one financial institution to another. Bankers typically assign this fee as part of your contract or may be waived for important customers, yet it is best that you have an exact idea what the estimated amount will be.

Another responsibility of the buyer is the premium of the homeowner’s title insurance policy that has to be paid and needs to be settled before the purchasing even starts. An extra cash in your hands will be useful when paying for the premium so that it won't get rolled into the loan. Note also how premium cost may vary from one insurance company to another. Make some research on the homeowners insurance policy rates or look around for more options before you decide to sign the contract right away. These costs constitute the seller's obligations.

Sales Commissions - are the fees apportioned to the buyer's and seller's agents. But these may be dependent upon the agent you are working with.

Inspection Costs - refers to the expenses related to the home's inspection and all other forms of inspection that may be required before the buying and selling commence.

Title Insurance - there is one misconception about title insurance since many first time homebuyers think that they will need to take care of any costs associated with the title company except it. However, title insurance costs are included in the closing cost and thus becomes the seller's responsibility.

When you know what closing costs are, you can have a better idea as to what your home's final price will be during the signing. As a matter of fact, if early on the financing process you have done so, the lender may give you necessary information like the fees you will have to pay and discount points among others.